Youtube video Spotlight: The DM's Craft

With a lack of anything profound to write, I'd like to introduce you to this guys channel on youtube. Started watching it yesterday and he's got a lot of cool tutorials for making your own dungeon tiles and enhancing your D&D/Pathfinder Games. Really cool, really easy, and most of all cheap! Check them out.

The DM's Craft


Army Fluff: A History of the Ghostwind Corsairs

Do you have a backstory to your army? What is it? I've been thinking a lot about fluff since reading the Iyanden supplement and have endeavored to improve my own armies fluff. While it makes little difference in terms of tournament play, I do like the narrative aspect of 6th edition and having your armies background figured out helps spread that narrative and ultimately, to me at least, it makes my games more flavorful and interesting.


40k Throwback: Eldar Army Lists Part 2: The Evolved Jetbike List

A While back I made this post about the evolution of my Eldar Jetbike army as it's moved through the codex. Or at least in this case, the Eldar jetbike list I ran from the 4th Edition codex and how it would have looked from the 3rd Edition book. This time I bring you my 6th Edition Eldar Codex Jetbike Army List.

Consider this post an appetizer, An Eldar Aspect Warrior review Podcast is in the works and will be up sometime this week.