An Update for Lack of An Update

My Eldar for Adepticon Team Primer

For lack of any real update other than I haven't updated in awhile I give you a number of random thoughts and musings on the subject of Eldar and 40k. Lately I've been getting into a whole slew of 40k games and have several more scheduled to occur in the near future. I feel like I've finally got enough 6th Edition games to start producing Battle Reports again and I've even got some footage from Toledo Game Rooms Adepticon Team Tournament Primer that I attended last weekend. My partner ran an all bikes list. My partner ran a Ravenwing and as for myself with my Eldar Jetbikes, Seer Council, and Shining Spears. Ultimately it went as well as any fluff list does in a seriously competitive tournament, but I had a good time despite some bad games. More to come when I get this battle report finished.