Imperial Armour 11: Doom of Mymeara has arrived! Part the First: Eldar Corsair's Army List

It finally arrived! I am pretty stoked. Overall it is a pretty nice book as all Imperial Armour books tend to be. Lots of detail, lengthy bits of fluff, and amazing artwork. So much is in this book that I thought I would break the review down into multiple pieces. Part 1 will deal with the Corsairs army list.

The list is pretty interesting. You have a number of options for play style, but I feel like all of them lend to a quick in and out raid style of play. As a whole the army draws significantly from the Craftworld Codex, but a few wargear options and entries use the Dark Eldar Codex. In addition there are a number of selections of their own. My only issue with the list is a number of errors in the writing which makes it unclear as to how things truly operate. I'll highlight those as I review each entry.


Ghostwind Corsairs 2.0 (1.5?)

From the webway I return, much like a Phoenix Lord, but far far less awesome. I have been on the Path of the Hiatus, taking a brief sabbatical from the game of 40k. I will admit that my reasons for exit were partially related to being disheartened with the state of the game. In truth, however, it may have simply been me putting my desire to win games over the love of the hobby. I may have also dabbled with the Space Marine codex a little before my departure. This of course lead to the state of mind that in order to be successful I had to fall in line and play a Marine army. I can say however, from the experience that I approached the Marine 'dex with a fresh pair of eyes and an alien style of play. Some things just look more appealing when you are used to zipping around the battlefield with toughness 3, I guess. Ultimately though I missed my Eldar and I once again felt the call of Khaine.