Ghostwind Corsairs 2.0 (1.5?)

From the webway I return, much like a Phoenix Lord, but far far less awesome. I have been on the Path of the Hiatus, taking a brief sabbatical from the game of 40k. I will admit that my reasons for exit were partially related to being disheartened with the state of the game. In truth, however, it may have simply been me putting my desire to win games over the love of the hobby. I may have also dabbled with the Space Marine codex a little before my departure. This of course lead to the state of mind that in order to be successful I had to fall in line and play a Marine army. I can say however, from the experience that I approached the Marine 'dex with a fresh pair of eyes and an alien style of play. Some things just look more appealing when you are used to zipping around the battlefield with toughness 3, I guess. Ultimately though I missed my Eldar and I once again felt the call of Khaine.

          So here we are. A Reboot. Given my success rate with 40k I began to find it a little pretentious (although ultimately Eldar-like) to banter about tactics when I could not make successful use of my own strategies. So there will be less of that. I still have my opinions of what works and what does not, but all Eldar players do, so no surprise there, right? I have entrenched myself in stacks of Eldar fluff as of late, finishing Path of the Warrior (by Gav Thorpe) and currently reading Path of the Seer (also by Gav Thorpe) As I type this a box somewhere in the world is my copy of Imperial Armour 11 on a trip to my house. Hopefully it will be here by next week. All of this of course has me considering the background of my Eldar army. Maybe I can write something worth while to share here.

         I have been painting my forces. The desire to see painted armies on fully decked out tables has made me more than excited to finish up the units I use most. The pictures are of some of my current projects. Up top you have my current 1500pt list and below a close shot of my jetbikes. I have learned some new painting techniques that are helping and you can expect some project logs as I get my stuff painted.

        Also, with the recent holiday season came gifts and among those gifts a digital camcorder so I am hoping to be producing some Battle reports in the near future both to provide an overview of my play style as well as some entertainment. I already snagged the youtube channel ghostwindcorsairs, but there is nothing up there as of yet.

       In all, it is my plan to devote more time to this blog and have a good year gaming along the way. Hopefully it is all enjoyable. Happy New Years and see you soon.

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