Snow Bases Vlog

Here is my first every Vlog. Something I never really intended to start making, this one just kind of came together. The main topic of the video are the snow bases I have been working on the past couple of days, but I also lay down some of the basic ideas and strategies for the Big Game on the 21st. There is also some smatterings of the fluff surrounding the Ghostwind Corsairs. Enjoy!


Corsair Eldar v Grey Knights Battle Report Parts 4 and 5

Finally finished editing, rendering, and posting this battle report. Here's the last two parts.


Corsair Eldar vs. Grey Knights Batrep Part 3

I apologize for the delay in completing this battle report, my hard drive went out and I have been squeezing out what little editing I can on my girlfriends netbook. Part 4 is almost complete and Part 5 should be not too long after. Without further adeu, here is Part 3!

I rendered in HD to see if that helped with the quality, but I did not notice much of a difference.

For those looking for the rest of my review of IA 11: Doom of Mymeara you can find a generalized review of the plot and other contents over at Mi40k.com. It is a bit of a cop-out I know, but I still wrote it and it is a good site so check it out. Besides chances are you came from there in the first place.