40k Throwback: Eldar Army Lists Part 1: Jetbikes

As I may have mentioned before I began playing Eldar in third edition. At the time my friends and I decided to get into this 40k game some people were playing and we each chose an army to get into. This was a regular habit for us, we get into a new game, it stays interesting for a little bit, then we moved on to something else leaving the old game in the dust. Knowing that was our habit and with the price of 40k models, I didn't really feel too interested in this game. It was expensive and I wasn't really interested in committing the money to something we'd be giving up in a month or two. To top it off one of my friends had already chosen the army that appealed to me the most, the Tau. (I was a big Gundam fan, but more on that later). My other friend started an Ork army and so I was left to choose my army. Most of the armies of the Imperium didn't appeal to me. I've never been a fan of the gothic style and cybernetic implant craziness that 3rd edition artwork threw at us. I also wasn't too much a fan of the Eldar as I was erroneously under the impression that they were a bunch of coneheads, like the Saturday Night Live skit/movie. Fortunately, my friend playing Orks, who was familiar with the game since 2nd edition, convinced me to try them out. I relented,  picking up a Falcon as my first model because if anything I could have this really cool tank on my shelves when this game didn't pan out. Now here we are nearly ten years later and I'm the only one of my friends that plays. In addition I've stayed with the Eldar, who after I learned about, I became totally enamored. As a big time D&D/Pathfinder player (D&D 3.0 at the time) I'm known for playing Elves who are generally roguish or wizardly. After learning more about Eldar I was sold on the notion that I could continue that same sort of style IN SPACE!