Corsair Eldar vs. Grey Knights Batrep Parts 1 and 2

I break from our regularly scheduled Imperial Armour review for parts 1 and 2 of my first ever video battle report. I got together with Mr. Nerd Watch and we tested out his 1850 tournament list of Grey Knights along with the Eldar Corsairs army list in IA: 11.


Imperial Armour 11: Part 2 New Eldar Units

With the Corsair List out of the way, let us take a look at the new Craftworld Eldar units. Overall I think Forgeworld did an amazing job here, both in rules and model design. They most certainly put some credence back in, "Their arrogance is only match by their firepower." With the things as they are I was starting to think the Eldar were not very arrogant at all. The major drawback is finding people that will let you use Imperial Armour though and tournaments that allow it are equally rare. That being said, how about we dive right in: