Corsair Eldar vs. Grey Knights Batrep Parts 1 and 2

I break from our regularly scheduled Imperial Armour review for parts 1 and 2 of my first ever video battle report. I got together with Mr. Nerd Watch and we tested out his 1850 tournament list of Grey Knights along with the Eldar Corsairs army list in IA: 11.

I will be splitting the parts into different posts to isolate any comments you may have, both in critique of the video and/or anything related to game play.  Hope its an enjoyable report and if you like it please subscribe. Part 3 will be edited and up later tonight with Parts 4 and possibly 5 coming not too long after. We chose to do a banter style batrep akin to what they do over at miniwargaming.com. But that is enough chat, here is part 2:

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