An Update for Lack of An Update

My Eldar for Adepticon Team Primer

For lack of any real update other than I haven't updated in awhile I give you a number of random thoughts and musings on the subject of Eldar and 40k. Lately I've been getting into a whole slew of 40k games and have several more scheduled to occur in the near future. I feel like I've finally got enough 6th Edition games to start producing Battle Reports again and I've even got some footage from Toledo Game Rooms Adepticon Team Tournament Primer that I attended last weekend. My partner ran an all bikes list. My partner ran a Ravenwing and as for myself with my Eldar Jetbikes, Seer Council, and Shining Spears. Ultimately it went as well as any fluff list does in a seriously competitive tournament, but I had a good time despite some bad games. More to come when I get this battle report finished.

I have been thinking real hard on Eldar tactics lately as a result I have a few tricks that I will share in the near future. Nothing ground breaking or game changing but you can at least have fun playing Eldar with these.

For a little nugget of actual content I will share my thoughts and experiences with Shining Spears in 6th Edition. In a word, they're the same old unit with the same problems. 4+ Jink is nice it adds to the survivability for sure thanks to Skilled Rider. However, they are still about as awesome as a firecracker in close combat. My strategy for the unit was to double assault with the Seer Council and the Shining Spears, using the Seer Council to lock my opponent in place while leaving the Shining Spears to Hit and Run (which works nicely in 6th Edition) but I had difficultly setting up the tactic in all three games I played, only having one opportunity to actually use hit and run. For the points though, Shining Spears just aren't worth it. Maybe if they had more attacks or were cheaper, but the unit maxes out at 5 models and only ever has 11 attacks on the charge. Most of the time you need 4+ to hit so you're looking at about 6 good hits and 5 wounds on marines. A solid assault to be sure, but where they again suffer is the lance is only AP 3 now. Most of my opponents brought Terminators in the tourney and I had nothing to really lay the hurt on them. Under those circumstances and to keep with the theme of an all bikes list I would've rather had some extra guardian bikes and just saturated my targets with shuriken fire.

On the flip side I suppose Shining Spears would have been just the thing to bring in my game last night. My Seer Council got locked in close combat on turn 1 and stayed there until the end of the game. Kind of wish I had the Shining Spears then to clean that assault up. The question though is what would I give up to have the Shining Spears in my list.... Nothing comes to mind.

Also I need to remember to bring discuss Wave Serpents. In a game where vehicles have lost their oomph, these tanks got it going on.

My last bit of news is that I've been thinking about taking some allies. At this time it's Dark Eldar, but we'll see how things go for Tau in the coming months. I do have the models to take them now, but it'd be Lillith Hesperex, a squad of Wyches, and 3 Reaver Jetbikes. I'd like to run a Raider or two loaded with Kabalite Warriors.

To Summarize the Near Future:
  • This Blog Still Lives
  • I've been playing some 40k
  • 6th Edition Battle Reports are Coming
  • Eldar Tricks
  • Wave Serpents
  • Dark Eldar Allies

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