Major Site Reboot in the Works

I've slowly come to the realization over the past couple of months that I do not play nearly enough 40k to support this blog. Hence the general neglect. I have only gotten in two games since 6th edition released and with my work schedule more games will be few and far between.

My desire to maintain some small section of the internet to post projects, voice opinions, and share my exploits is still strong, however and I do have quite a large amount of other games that I do play. So that's what I offer here. Despite my wishes to keep this strictly an Eldar blog, I feel I can produce more posts and fuel my hobbies better by bringing in other games I play.

This means you can look forward to posts about Pathfinder, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Shadowrun, and a plethora of other games that I dabble in. 40k posts will still occur, and when they do, you can look forward to hearing about Eldar, because that is still all I play.

A big project that I look forward to posting about is a Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 setting I have been putting together for the past couple of years. As a working title we can call it Arcanatech or Yggdrasil space. The general premise being that Magic enhances technology or that they grow and develop together. So imagine a typical fantasy setting and then advance the timeline by a 1000 years or so. Picture a futuristic setting where the technology has been enhanced and developed along with magic.

The whole setting becomes a playground for the various effects, spells, and abilities, of the Pathfinder setting. As an example, take your basic science fiction starship. It's got deflector shields, laser batteries, and the ability to travel faster than light. In this setting those abilities come from spells. Your shields come from Abjuration effects like Mage Armor or Shield, your laser batteries are scorching rays, magic missiles, and the like, and your FTL travel comes from extraplanar travel via spells like Gate.

To clarify the setting very much uses the Pathfinder rules set and this isn't a Pathfinder: Future or anything. Characters are still Elven Rangers and Dwarven Fighters, they just use more advanced technology and/or it is a high magic setting. Coming from a 40k blog this concept may seem familiar and while inspired by Warhammer, the relationship between the two is a passing nod at best. As a start there is significantly less Grim and a whole lot less Dark in this setting.

The idea for calling the setting Yggdrasil space comes from it being heavily influenced by Norse mythology. The major systems, as an example, draw their names from the cosmology in old Norse myth. Most human systems belong to the Midgardian Confederation, with the central world being Midgard itself. A race of Giants can be found in the Jotunheim system, Elves come from the Alfheim Alliance, and so on. This opens the door for other fun ideas like a gigantic spacefaring dragon called Nidhogg that devours planets.

Eventually as the setting develops I would really like it to come in on its own and if possible I would love to produce a pdf or even a book for it in the future. If anything posting about it will require me to work on the setting and in turn I will get more done. I would also appreciate responses and questions from my small, but appreciated readership as this is something I hope to put together for other people to use.

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