Smart Phones, Apps, and Aspect Warriors

Ghostwind Corsairs coming at you with my first smart phone post. If you have been checking the new twitter feed you'll already be aware that I finally made my way into the 21st century and got a smart phone. Nothing special just seeing how this blogger app works and typing with Swype, which takes far too much effort. It is however the subject of apps that brings this post to you today.

I picked up an app by called Battlescribe Mobile that is essentially an quick and dirty army builder. It was free and okay for what it is, but what is interesting about it is that it doesn't have a normal list for Eldar, you have to use an advanced list. The advanced list has all forge world models in it but it also has another requirement to your Eldar list. The program requires the Eldar player to take three aspect warrior choices. I've been playing Eldar since 2003 and I don't recall any rule like that. It did however get me thinking. What if I did have to take three aspect units? Which ones would I take? How would that that change the route of lists I run?

In this edition Dire Avengers would be a no brainer. Though that would be true of any edition. Dire avengers are a solid unit they always have been. Excellent shooting and close combat options on the exarch make them a core unit worthy of any Eldar army but in my army they have one weakness, mobility. Easily solved with a Wave Serpent, but with 6th editions hate parade on vehicles it's not like it used to be. To make up for the points I would have to cut into my jetbike squads. Still you would definitely see me bring these guys. Most likely multiple squads.

As a second choice, keeping in mind the way the game has changed, I'd probably include Shining Spears. Crazy considering there performance last edition but this edition I think Shining Spears really shine (pun intended) jink is one thing, impact his another, but the whole package, plus skilled rider improving the jink savem this unit gets pretty awesome. Not only that, but I'm running a Jetbike army so they will fit right in.

The last unit I would take would more then likely be a toss up between Warp Spiders and Swooping Hawks. Most likely going with Warp Spiders over the hawks for durability reasons and the large amount of Str 6 firepower they pack. Both units bring a necessary amount of speed to the army while being relatively useful. This would be of course, if I didn't take two dire avenger units.

So what about you guys, my small readership. Which units would you take, if you had to take three? Why would you do so? How would such a rule change your Eldar army?


  1. Warp spiders, swooping hawks and fire dragons are the top three in my opion.

    Warp spiders were solid before but expensive. They are still expensive but the removal of the AP- penalty makes them solid vehicle killers, premeausring allows them to shoot from max range (granted only 12) but every inch counts when jumping away.

    Swooping hawks are your best access to haywire grenedes and now they hit everything on a 3+. More importantly glancing is no longer useless. I haven't gotten to do this yet, but a squad of hawks qith an exarch manning a quad autocannon present a fairly large no go region for enemy vehicles.

    Finally fire dragons are still our best source of instant death for T4 things.

    Dire avengers are solid, especially with the defense ppower now effecting enemies that attack attached ICs.

    Spears are still way to expensive and have only 1 attack. Scorpions (a favorite of mine in 5ht) can't assault the turn they arrive, banshees are AP3 for the most part, dark reapers are the best of the rest but still cost alot.

  2. Good idea with the swooping hawks. I'll have to try it. The spears can function like a mini warlock squad which makes them cheaper by comparison. Plus skilled rider benefits the farseer.