First Post and Introductions

Greetings Farseers and Autarchs,

This is to be the first of hopefully many posts in my brand new Eldar blog! Enjoy pointy eared xenos in the gothic universe, this is the place for you. Look forward to Battle Reports, Tactics, Fiction, Army Lists, and Pictures in the near future.

So I guess I should introduce myself, I am Bowen, or Shaolindisciple over at www.mi40k.com, and I've been playing Eldar since about 2003. Back then Warhammer was a completely different game and the Eldar were my first army. I was drawn in by the Falcon I must admit, an excellent model. 40k was in the midst of third edition, like I said, it was a different game. Two editions later and I still play my Eldar. The rules have changed, the way I play my army has changed, and over the years I've collected almost the entire Eldar model range and have run every kind of list from grav tank spam to foot slogging aspect warriors. After all this time I am still trying new tricks and tactics. I play in tournaments occasional and frequent hobby shops and gaming stores in the Southeast Michigan area. Well anyways, that's me and again welcome.


  1. Now that you have your blog started we will have to do a Blog vs Blog battle report!