Armies on Parade

A week or so late on this, but I received this email from GW as most other subscribers did:

Armies on Parade

If you're looking for a new challenge and want to show off your hobby skills at the biggest Games Workshop event of the year then read on. This year we are kicking off something to truly get your hobby juices flowing: Armies on Parade.

So what's it all about then?

Armies on Parade is your chance to plan, collect, model and paint an amazing new army, display it on a two foot by two foot board and show it off in all its glory in your local Hobby Centre.

All our Hobby Centres around the world will be holding a Parade Day where everyone in the store will have the chance to vote for their favourite Army on Parade.

Every store winner will then go on to proudly represent their community at Games Day, where all the winning boards from across the country will be on display and the ultimate Armies on Parade champion will be chosen. If you are attending Games Day, not only will you have a chance to see all the magnificent boards, but you will also get to vote for your favourite making the national winner the true hobbyist's champion.

I'm actually quite interested in this. Not so much to enter the contest itself, but as an opportunity to paint and model. Still I have no idea which of my units I want to showcase, but I've got 10,000+ points to choose from last time I added it all up. I also think this will be a great opportunity to put together some Eldar terrain. I made a webway gate from a tutorial a long time ago and have been working on some other Craftworld style buildings. Perhaps this is a good time to get off my ass and finish some of these projects. Maybe I'll actually finish painting some units! If all goes well, expect to see some progress logs.

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