The Big Game

Between elaborate 6th edition hoaxes(?) and painting I have also found time to put together a list for the Big Game. I will be up at BC Comix in Fenton Michigan with over 10,000pts of Eldar. The list is essentially everything I own loaded up with all the goodies. The only problem is that I lack any super-heavy support or titans. Since I am bringing the rest of the Craftworld though it should be interesting. The list comes in four waves.

Wave 1 
The first is a wave of grav tanks contains 4 Fire Prisms, 4 Falcons, and 6 Wave Serpents. Three squads of Dire Avengers and three Howling Banshee Squads are riding inside. Mixed in is a jetbike council with an Autarch, they ride inside the tank wall and drop off the delivery method of Part 2.

Wave 2
The Second Part of my force is an almost complete Ulthwe Strike Force which is only missing support batteries and maxed out Jetbike, War Walker, and Vyper choices. I have used this before and it is really interesting trying to get all of those models out of the wraithgate. Hopefully my opponents lack pie plates.

Wave 3
My Deepstrikers. I have a squad of Warp Spiders and Two Swooping Hawk Squads coming in with some Autarch support. One Autarch has wings the other has a warp jump generator. Swooping Hawks will be dropping grenades and if any vehicles present themselves I will likely try for Haywire Assaults.

Wave 4
The slow stuff. This is where my Wraithlords, Wraithguard, and other elements that are either on foot or otherwise too slow to be with the main force. I would like to just castle them up on an objective in my deployment zone if possible, but we will have to see what happens. Not really looking to do much with this element really.

So that is pretty much how I am going to roll out. My list comes in at over 10000 points and is packing a considerable amount of firepower. The downside is that the rosters are in and my opponents are bringing about 4000 more points than our side and they also have some titan support so this may very well be a one sided match. With any luck I will get some good video from the game though, it is looking a lot smaller than I thought so it should be pretty easy to catch all the action.

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