Project Log: Display Board


For the past two weeks I have been up to nothing, but Skyrim and Burn Notice (Hooray for netflix!) That coupled with my inability to get into a game has made for a severe lack of content. I did however make some headway on my display board. So here is a kind of run down of what I have done....

Remeber this picture? Well this is how I started. I removed all the models from the board and left the bases. After gluing sand to them I left them essentially in the same position and primed them on the board. This left some circles in the locations where the bases would go. Using those as a guideline I set to work with my drill. Using a 2 1/2'' holesaw bit I drilled out the areas where the primer had highlighted.

I decided to keep the plugs left over so I could flock the whole board and keep them to fill in holes in the event that I change up units. Like my snow bases the whole board will have a winter theme. I am currently considering if and how much terrain I want to add to the project. My first thought is to put a tree on each plug so that they are easier to take out. Here is the project now with and without my army filling it out. The first pic is with the plugs in.
Here is with the plugs out. I had two of these boards. I cannot remember what they were, but they came from Lowe's for about $6 each. After drilling the holes in the first board I caked on some liquid nail and pressed the two boards together using staples for extra holding power. You can see how the primer worked to mark the holes I needed to drill.

 This shot has my bases in. Still no progress with them, but the idea will be to have the whole board covered in a snowy winter scene. Not much room to add terrain though. I sort of wanted to have some Eldar ruins or a couple of real terrain pieces.
Finally you have the army in place. Between setting it up and taking the pic I took a lap around the apartment while carrying it and the models barely moved, even on the flying bases. So mission accomplished! Now I just need to make it look pretty.

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