Quick Update

I have been rather busy as of late without much in the way of content to post. I had gotten in the habit of posting on Wednesdays and Saturdays and if possible I'd like to continue doing so, but I don't want to call it a schedule as of yet.  Instead of anything practical I thought I'd give you some insight on a couple of things I'm working on.

I picked up the rules and Japanese Sectoral Army starter for infinity and I'm working my way through it. The rule book is a tough read but the producers of the game were kind enough to make a number of tutorial videos as well as make the rules, wiki, and army builder available on their main website. Based on my research I have a knack for picking tough armies to play as the Japanese Sectoral Army is an army that excels in close combat in a game where you want to be shooting. Should be fun.

Warhammer Fantasy RPG
Looks like I might be getting together a group to play this game. I've been reading through the rules quite extensively in preparation. Should be fun, provided it pans out. More to come as the game develops.

Warhammer 40k
This Saturday I will be attending a gathering of friends for some 40k and BBQ. Haven't settled on what exactly I'll bring as of yet.

In addition, I've sort of begun "spring cleaning" my Eldar. I started separating my models based on how painted they are and if they need any sort of repair. The goal is to get everything sorted and possibly painted though I'm still in the habit of only painting models I plan on using.

My plans for a Tau army, or at least Tau allies is on hold pending the codex release in the next month. A lot of the new information looks promising. I like the Riptide model and will most certainly field a few in my list.

Super Dungeon Explore
I love this game. I'm looking to do at least a video or two on it as it's really cool and a lot of fun to play. Also, as a result of owning both the core set and first expansion "The Caverns of Roxor" I have a large sum of minis that I need to paint.

X-Wing Miniatures Game
As if I needed another game to play, I've purchased 2 starter sets for X-Wing. Youtube tutorial videos make this game look very cool and I'm exciting to have sort of Space Flight Minis game that looks both fun and has a decent following.

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